Mallika Writes

For years after I graduated from school I was asked why I didnít write. The refrain from friends, teachers and family was ďIf you speak so articulately, why canít you write?Ē

For many years after this I COULD NOT WRITE. And then, about twenty years ago, I bought my first computer. Whoosh. It was like a dam bursting. I seemed to have so much I wanted to share, to speak of, to get feed back on. So I started writing. Essays. Scripts (my first in 1989 - Shakti: The Power of Women, co-authored with a colleague). Articles for the odd newspaper. Speeches to be delivered at conferences.

And it has continued. A long running column in Times of India. Then in Gujarati, in the Divya Bhasker. In Saurashtra Samachar. Now in the DNA. And the need to get out my thoughts continues, as does the need to talk to people, to all of you. And to receive responses. Views, whatever. One of the great influences of my life has been stuff I have read - books and articles and speeches. So i share what I write with you in the hope that it might set off a line of new ideas or thoughts, or inspire or influence.

So here it is.


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