About Mallika: The Writer

Just Speaking, a weekly column for DNA -

Last Word, The Week -

View from the Bridge, a weekly column for The Times of India, May 1998 to February 2000 - This column dealt with issues of law and order, human rights,empowerment, caste,   politics,corruption, human initiatives, NGO activities and other social issues.  
Seeing Beyond The Mask a weekly column in Gujarati in Gujarat Mitra -

Regular articles for Indian national press & magazines -

Unheard Voices Script based on a book of the same name by Harsh Mander dealing with the - homeless.

Sva Kranti: The Journey Within script for a stage production using multimedia, theatre, music -
and dance to trace the journey of women seekers of truth and to conceptualize them in the  
world today  

20 screenplays for Tanabana, a series of films being made for Ministry of Textiles, -
Government of India, covering several States, the handloom and handicrafts traditions and   festivals of each State 

Script for dance-theatre production, An Idea Named Mira -

Scripts for weekly TV series Storyteller, India’s only indigenously produced TV serial for -
children, to make children aware of India’s multicultural heritage, 52 episodes. 

Co-writer of scripts for stage productions of In Search of the Goddess, Cityscapes, IK2, -
V For…, Sita’s Daughters, Shakti-the Power of Women.

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