About Mallika: The Strategist

Actor Doctor Project (2018)
Public Health Theatre Festival. Creating and performing street theatre performances in Ahmedabad on mental health, nutrition, sex education, and environmental health

Killi Anandachi (2015)
Family Planning - Three Districts of Maharashtra (Satar - Sangli - Solapur) Used BHARUD a folk form of Maharashtra

Nari Ki Chaupal (2014)
The health of women in slums of Ahmedabad

Diabetes (2012)
Shows on diabetes prevention

Natakiya (2012)
Voters awareness campaign in 12 districts of Gujarat - 1100 performances in 30 days

Chabi Khushiyon Ki - 2 (2011)
Training of folk troupes, performances, Family planning in 3 districts of Jharkhand

Atul Project (2010)
Working with school children in Valsad to create and perform a play featuring positive role models for non-violence, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

“Majhama Chho?” (2009)
Research, performances, and adapted board games on diabetes, cervical cancer in rural and slum communities.

Shakti (2009-10)
Performances – research on women's health, rights, and empowerment.

Using local tribal youth from the Chhota Udaipur region of Gujarat and training them as actor activists, this project took crucial learning on how to avoid maternal deaths and infant deaths amongst the very deprived communities in thirty villages. The project was supported by ArtVenture, Singapore.

UNICEF Peer Educators Project (2007-2008)
Training youth from selected villages in Valsad, Gujarat, and teaching them skills to communicate messages on health and hygiene including pre natal and anti natal care, care of the pregnant mother, HIV and the need for the use of iodized salt.

UNICEF Anandshala Project (2005-2007)
A unique project with UNICEF’s Anandshala schools to instigate activities and projects to mould Valsad’s local actors into becoming bearers of information on issues of HIV, cleanliness, girl child education, the necessity of breast feeding and hygene. Simultaneously, four teams of traditional performers were trained on the same issues and performed in villages in Valsad.

FATEHPURA Model village project (2004-2006)
As part of Mallika’s efforts to initiate social change, Fatehpura village on the outskirts of Gandhinagar, was adopted as a model. This entailed working with the people of the village for an entire year in all aspects of their lives – health, economy, education, environment or even local governance.

AAPNI BAPOR (2002-2005)
Aapni Bapor was a one-hour programme, produced by Darpana Communications broadcast in the afternoon on DD 11.These were developmental programmes for women and were made interactive, informative and entertaining. The slot has a game-show, cookery show, career counselling, programmes based on real life stories, life styles, problems faced by famous women and a daily vox pop.

HUM 2003-2004
Today’s “cultural heritage” is definitely the product of a tradition of assimilation of the civilizations and their thoughts, moves, activities, appreciation, through centuries of cooperation, co-existence and mutual respect. The aim was to use arts as a medium and convey the importance of communal harmony. Performances and workshops held in 50 schools, 50 colleges and 20 communities.

VAIVIDHYOTSAV (Celebrating Diversity) 2003-2004
Darpana for Development and Darpana Communications embarked upon a year-long project to explore and communicate to the people of Gujarat the richness and the historic validity of our multicultural, multi-linguistic and pluralistic reality. Darpana Communications devised and produced a one hour TV Programme which ran five days a week on Doordarshan 11.

UNICEF Rural Health Project (2001 – 2004)
To propagate awareness and knowledge regarding health issues, specifically maternal mortality and low birth weight, infant mortality and health and child labour. Undertaken in 40 villages.

AIDS Awareness Programme (2002)
To raise awareness regarding spread, prevention and social impact of AIDS amongst tribal populations in villages through specially created performances.

PARIVARTAN Social Change & Awareness Amongst Adivasi Women in Banaskantha District of Gujarat Through Arts Communication. (1995-2001)
This was an intensive programme of education aimed at attitude change, undertaken over a three year period in 60 tribal villages in Banaskantha and Khedbrama. The project involved creating a repertory company of 10 Bhils, exploring the roots of social problems with them, training them to be actor-activists and reintroducing them into their own society through a series of performance-based social interventions

The UNESCO Heritage Project (1998)
To show and propagate values through performing arts - of non-violence, truth and honesty as a living heritage of Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts in today’s political and social life.

JAGRUTI - A School Project for Environment Empowerment (1994-1996)
Raise awareness of the basic issues degrading our environment; facilitate learning using innovative approaches and activities enabling children to take action in schools and at home; enhancing children’s capabilities to initiate campaigns in school and at home using innovative media to create a domino effect; indirectly enhancing the capabilities of teachers to adopt participative methods to teach children different subjects. Involved 10,000 low-income children from Ahmedabad Municipal Council schools

This project aimed at making children aware of the role prejudice plays in society and in getting them to think of alternative ways of looking at “truth”. Using different story telling techniques the issues dealt with are the three root causes of violence in our society: gender bias, communal hatred and religious intolerance. The format was a series of stories which reflected or questioned a variety of gender and race biases, that raised awareness, allowed the children to comment, question, formulate their own opinions, taught them to relate the stories to everyday life and to think about the “givens” in society.

The Centre, housed at Darpana in Ahmedabad, provides facilities for artists from all fields of literature, the performing and visual arts, to come together and share thoughts and ideas about non-violence with an aim to encourage artistic creation to spread new light on the issue.


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